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What To Do At Rank Supervisor In Training

At this rank you will be expected to understand basic supervising skills such as telling Recruits how to Recruit and how to guard Etc.


You will be trained on how to be a better Supervisor by Supervisors or High Ranks.


When You have proven your good enough we will promote to Supervisor

  What To Do At Rank Supervisor


At rank Supervisor you will have good supervising skills from your time as Supervisor In Training.


We expect a lot from this rank as it is one of the most important ranks within Dark Advocate Mafia and you will be set frequent tasks


If you arenít on a task we will ask you to do simple tasks such as giving advice to Supervisors In Training and low ranks on how to Recruit, Guard Etc.


You are expected to train Supervisors In Training and you will be given a certain person from that rank to look over and concentrate on. Remember everyone has different ways of recruits and going about their work but we would like you to show them the most simple and basic way. Teach them how to flood by telling them to go to then running them through how to use it.